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Customer Reviews

I have not read a poetry book like Britny's. She articulates herself in such a deep, raw and real manner. Her words are authentic and straight from the heart. The amount of emphasis put on the love of God, and the way she turns her weaknesses into strength through the strength of Jesus truly humbles me. May this book surprise and exceed your expectations as you dive in and read it. Thank you for your transparency in writing and sharing your story. God richly bless you!

Esther Jacob
Nov 2020

Britny, you are awesome.
What you write is exactly how I feel. You are my sister. Thank you.
I cried. Am crying now. Someone who understands what I am living through is out there.
Your poetry is light and deep and full of honesty, and you are crying out to be heard and understood.
You are not alone. I love you and am praying with you.
Please keep writing and publishing. This comes with hugs from Queensland Australia.

Nov 2020

Amazing read, from a young and gifted poet.
Definitely worth the buy, enjoyed reading every poem!

Nov 2020

This young, up-and-coming poet writes from the heart, truly gifted. She writes beyond her years, her poetry is honest and moving and a pleasure to read and reread time and time again.

Chris Mandley
Nov 2020

This book was a great read.

Each poem was beautifully written, it's like I was understanding your journey from where you started to where you are now. I pray that you always keep that peace and serenity with you.

I would recommend this book to anyone who's trying to find a way to express their feelings and thoughts and don't know how or where to start. 

Thank you beautiful Britny for sharing your journey with us in this book. I bought 2 copies.

Feb 2021

This book is amazing, filled with so much passion and culture, it takes you on a journey to find yourself and love. It is definitely worth the buy!

Feb 2021

This was my Christmas gift to myself.                                                   

My Top 3 - “Ready Writer”, “Who can love a poet like me” and “Your Faithfulness”.                                              

“In my feelings or in my truth” and “Disability is...” made me teary. Girl, you are a child of God, don’t let anything or anyone steal your joy. 

FYI: your walk is beautiful

Tout lè Bondyè Bon!

Feb 2021

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