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Britny Virginia is a young emerging director/producer of film, playwright, poet and self-published author. She was born in the beautiful island of St. Lucia and much of her work is influenced by her heritage, her disability and her faith. She's produced/directed several video productions in the past with a poetic narrative, one of which was screen at Channel 4 headquarters and Hoxton Arces after being commissioned by 4Talent on a Content Production programme. She's directed a short monologue piece and she has written two plays exploring racial tensions & hair prejudice which were greatly esteemed by audiences asking, 'When will she develop it further because these stories need to be told'! She has most notably produced, devised and platformed creative events for Theatre Peckham as part of their Spring 2021 resident company NO TABLE. Britny was long-listed for Mad Monologues by Nouveau Riche in 2019 where she explored the trauma of sexual assault. In 2020, Britny released her first poetry book titled, 'So, I'll Stay, Sitting with You'. It chronicles the effects of anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and disability and how she finds freedom and safety through her faith and walk with God. It garnered many people resonating with it even as far as Australia! Just recently in 2021 she was short-listed for two major film competitions, Daniel Alexander Films and Shoot The Company, for her script about disability and romance. She is very interested in theatre, TV and film and does much to enhance and cultivate her craft as a writer and creator. Britny hopes to inspire others one story at a time!


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