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In need of dramaturg to evaluate and assess the strength of your manuscript? Needing support in structuring your play or screenplay? Contact me today!

Creative Consultation

Want help to establish powerful visions and ideas for your project?

Need help towards your project?

Then this service is for you!

Book Me As A Writer!!

Note: costs may vary depending on event size and duration.

Want to book me for a specific creative project?

Then this service is for you!

Workshop Facilitator

Looking for a dynamic workshop on creativity and writing for your class, youth group or small group? Contact me today for more information!

Dynamic Event Host

Looking for a host to create more vibrant and engaging events? As a poet/performer I have the tools to take your event from 'meh' to unforgettable!

Director Inquiries

Looking for director to take your script from page to stage? Page to screen? Contact me for further information today!

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