Da. Dada, I am unfit to love You. Weed out my iniquities and

make me whole. Dada. Make me whole. Make me hole, Dada.


I long to be Holy. But I am just a broken man.

Pa. Papa, my lips are deceitful. My lips have denied you, thrice.

When my lips touched Your skin,

Did it sting? It stung me. I was an unappreciative bee to Your


Bo. Bondy`e, is what the Lucians call You. I am a piece of clay,

surrounded by the sea of You. I've heard You like to use clay

To perform miracles? 

The potter and His chosen clay.

Pa. Papa mwen. My Papa says take His hand. He is my lifeboat.

Papa said hold on when I slip.

YHWH. Is an inscription of love for me. Da. Dada. Forgive me.

Dada still loves me. Dada says, ‘come home.’ ‘Come home,’ Dada says.


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